Pet Euthanasia in Weber County, UT

Your pet has been a part of your family, you’ve shared a long and happy life together, so when the time comes to part with them it’s a very painful and difficult experience. Making decisions about how they should be cared for in their final days and when it might be time for pet euthanasia is hard to do during this emotional and trying time.

At Door 2 Door Veterinary Care, we understand because we’re animal lovers and pet owners too. That’s why we provide complete mobile end-of-life and pet euthanasia services to help make your pet’s final days as painless, comfortable, and dignified as possible, and make things easier for you and your family too. You’ll be comforted by knowing that you gave your pet the best farewell.

Pet Euthanasia in Weber County, UT

Hospice Care At Home

It’s always best if possible for a pet to spend their last days at home surrounded by the people and things they know and love. If your pet has a terminal diagnosis, your Door 2 Door mobile vet will help you decide if palliative care is the right choice for your pet, and if so, prescribe the proper treatment to maintain your pet’s nutrition, hydration, body temperature, and mobility, and to help them be as comfortable as possible. Then we’ll make regular visits to your home to monitor their condition and provide ongoing care as needed, and when the time comes to make a decision, to help you determine what would be the best way to proceed.

At-Home Euthanasia Services

If the vet determines that palliative care isn’t recommended for your pet, or if your pet has stopped eating or is in constant pain, then it’s best to consider pet euthanasia. This is a simple procedure consisting of the vet putting them to sleep with an overdose of anesthetic, allowing them to pass painlessly and peacefully. You’ll be able to stay by their side to give them comfort during the entire process. Afterward, if you prefer, we can help you manage all the arrangements for burial or cremation or whatever you desire. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Door 2 Door Veterinary Care in Weber County, UT, is always available to provide complete mobile animal health care services for your pet no matter what the need. To schedule an appointment for a visit, simply fill out our online form and we’ll contact you shortly.

Weber County, UT Pet Euthanasia